Become a recognizable brand of protective equipment on domestic and foreign markets and take the lead in the domestic market in the manufacture and trade of protective clothing and footwear.


Adapt to the needs of each customer and meet his requirements. Provide each customer with the best value for money through top quality protective clothing and footwear


Work with style

Sewing by desire

V-style gives you the ability to fully personalize your protective clothing.

It is up to you to choose the one that best suits you for the activity you are engaged in and we will try to fulfill your wishes.


V-style is complementary to its production range of protective equipment trade.

In order to be able to meet your wishes,

it is necessary to constantly monitor market changes and to complement the range of production and trade.


Collaboration with many large companies is an indicator of how V-style is a trusted partner.

Some of the largest Croatian companies have decided to equip their workers with our own protective equipment,

which is just a proof that our work and quality are recognized in Croatia as well as outside Croatia.